My BB Basses

My 3 Yamaha BB-Basses so far:

The BB 1200 was upgraded with active EMG PUs and Schaller tuners. It has a fine round sound and works for all styles. The neck is pretty fat and give fat lows. -> I personalized this one into a red frankenstein.

The BB 3000s is all original. It has a slim, comfortable and fast neck. The sound is round but not as clear as the BB 1200. On the other hand it has personality. -> Gone

The BB5000A ist all original., It was manufactured in Taiwan which made no difference to the Japan modells. The building quality is as high. The sound is more modern/active than the BB1200 or BB3000s. Because of the narrow stringspacing it´s as fast as a guitar. -> Gone


2 thoughts on “My BB Basses

  1. I have what i believe is an early BB1200. From what i can find out about the serial number it may be a 1977. However, there is no BB logo on the headstock. Simply “Yamaha” I’ve had it since doesn’t look like the decal came off or anything is missing. 3 stripe neck through, sunburst…one reverse P serial is 001256 made in japan. If you know anything about it let me know! Thanks.

    • Dear Bob, sorry I just found the function to answer. Do you have any photos?
      if it has a 3 stripe neck it might be a BB 1000(s). Maybe you find some useful pics at the brochure outtakes.
      best Hilmar

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