usefull links

Vintage Yamaha Bass facebook group:

Yamaha´s modern basses:

Serial numbers:

Vintage (70´s/80´s) Cataloges:


Watch this for pick up specs:




5 thoughts on “usefull links

      • You won’t find a Yamaha version . Hipshot has one for fenders that will work . You will need to change all the tuners if you want to look the same tho. I have a 1984 red 1000s and did it.

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    • I sold mine B3000s MIJ some years ago for only 600-700 Euro. sigh!
      I think you can try 1000-1500 Euro. But I´m not sure you will get it. If you intend to sell it quick go below 1000 Euro.
      If it´s Taiwan made the prices are even lower.
      Try to put it on there are a lot of guys looking for Alembic basses and the BB3000A is a bit alike.
      One question: can you tell me the neck dimensions?
      best hilmar

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